Jim Stewart, born in 1949, is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and has been creating figurative and abstract drawings and paintings since the early 70s. Critically acclaimed artist in the Globe and Mail newspaper and the Art Review magazine, he has exhibited his work worldwide since 1975 and particularly in Hawaii since 2008, when he began spending part of each year residing and painting on Maui. The Village Gallery, Lahaina represents him on Maui.

His painting “Encounters” was purchased by the Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts. Jim’s painting, “Beneath the Surface” was featured as a finalist in the abstract/experimental art challenge in “International Artist” magazine, August/September 2016 issue.

His illustrations have appeared in international magazines including Islands magazine, Esquire, Rotunda, University of Toronto, Saturday Night, Toronto Life, Imperial Oil Review and In the Hills.

Jim taught transformative healing art to emotionally handicapped artists , as well as private clients. This approach to art instruction connects the student to his own ground of creativity rather than media technique.

Jim has lectured at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) in Canada and was featured on the Canadian television show “For Arts Sake”.

Related to his pursuit of visual art is his lifetime involvement in the martial art, aikido. Aikido is at essence an art of movement and awareness. Like painting, it is about connecting oneself and others to the core of being.


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